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Usagiya No. 006 Love George Review

Next on my agenda of trying inks with super cute bottles is Usagiya No. 006 Love George. The bottle features a heart being struck by an arrow.  Lucky George?  At first glance this ink reminded me of the Usagiya ink... Continue Reading →

Usagiya No. 24 Shimatsui Tako Review

When my Pelikan M800 Renaissance came I puzzled over what to put in it.  Do I go with something traditional like Smokey Quartz or shake it up?  Coincidentally I received a bottle of ink with an octopus on it and... Continue Reading →

Style Dee Kitashinchi Beniyo Review

Packages from Japan always welcome!  Most recently I received some lovely stationery and two new Sailor inks ^_^ I wonder sometimes if I will ever get to reviewing them all, but #goals right!  This time the inks are StyleDEE, I... Continue Reading →

KWZ IG Violet #3 Review

For the majority of my short FP loving life, Iron Gall ink was intimidating.  There are warnings about corrosion and who wants that?  Luckily there are also a lot of resources about how to clean a pen that is used... Continue Reading →

Rohrer and Klingner Magenta Review

It must be Monday, I took a bunch of photos for my R & K Alt-Bordeaux Review with R & K Magenta ink lol, this will become apparent when you get to the ink blob -_-. When I think of... Continue Reading →

Noodlers Cactus Fruit Eel Review

Pen mail came today!  As it should everyday imo lol.  Today's haul was small, it was a bottle of Noodlers Cactus Fruit Eel. I have been dancing around trying Noodlers ink for a while.  I had read a few posts... Continue Reading →

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