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Colorverse Sunspot Review and Colorverse Sunspot/Diamine Skull and Roses/Calligraphy Passion GIVEAWAY!

I must admit that it took me a while to review Sunspot because I was under the impression that it was simply a saturated black ink.  In my inky universe, I love pops of color, sheen, shading and basically anything... Continue Reading →

Diamine Firefly Review

Moving right along in the new Diamine Shimmer inks set, I decided to try something totally out of my wheelhouse, Firefly. This color is a orange/red with gold shimmer, its loud, its bright, and not something that I thought I... Continue Reading →

Diamine Frosted Orchid Review

After writing dry Vega and Altair loaded with Jacques Herbin 1798 Amethyste de l'Oural, I felt like moving right along the shimmer train.  Diamine Frosted Orchid was on the top of my list to is purple after all! For... Continue Reading →

Diamine 150 Years Lilac Night Review

Diamine has launched another set to its 150 Years inks, and the colors sound gorgeous! Golden Honey Lilac Night Burgundy Royale Espresso Blood Orange Tudor Blue Dark Forest Purple Dream Of course I had to order the whole set!  The... Continue Reading →

Squishy’s Favorite Things Giveaway!

Its been crazy busy lately, but I have not forgotten about you all!  It's a good kind of busy though, and for your patience with the silence I wanted to say THANK YOU for being an amazing community ^_^.  In... Continue Reading →

Diamine Golden Oasis Review

Continuing on my quest for shimmer and shine, I decided to open the sample of Diamine Golden Oasis that has been in my to try box for a while.  I received the sample from a dear friend with the most... Continue Reading →


Lately I've been thinking about sparkly inks a lot.  I'm a total lover of sheen, but what about ink with actual sparkles?  I've tried a few before and while they are super cool, it always feels a bit like cheating... Continue Reading →

Diamine Shimmertastic with F NIB

Just a short post 😀 I love the Diamine Shimmertastic line, but I have had really bad luck using anything but a stub nib with them.  Even my TWSBI Pink 580 B nib doesn't care for Pink Glitz too much... Continue Reading →

Diamine Claret Review

As you all know, I am always in search of the world's perfect purple.  Yama-Budo has long been one of my favorite "wine" purples, which is why I was excited to try Diamine Claret.  The name itself made me think... Continue Reading →

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