I must admit that it took me a while to review Sunspot because I was under the impression that it was simply a saturated black ink.  In my inky universe, I love pops of color, sheen, shading and basically anything that makes life interesting.  Curiosity made me explore this, the first of the Colorverse inks, and shortly you’ll see why I am glad that I did!


This ink is in Season 1, and has a super cute label.

Ink Blob:

Writing Sample:

Dual sheen!


Something I haven’t actually seen since Colorverse Black Hole from Season 2.  When the ink is drying it is a deeply saturated black, with little shading, but when left to dry it forms a copper sheen, and then a blue on top of that.  The blue seemed plentiful in both the writing sample and the blob.  This is one of my favorite phenomena when it comes to sheen and I am pretty sad that this ink has been sitting in my to try pile for months not getting the love that it deserves.

This experiment has been done on 68GSM TR ivory paper in Hippo Noto.  I am curious as to if this happens on other types of paper as well…more experimentation needed!

If you’d like to try this ink, it is part of our Colorverse Sale ^_^.  Available here.

Speaking of new Colorverse Ink, Colorverse has teamed up with Opus 88 to create 8 new colors!

No.37 ~ No.40No.33 ~ No.36

Pre-Orders can be found here at a special price.

See you in Raleigh!  I will be at the Triangle Pen Show debuting the first ever Krishna Ink x Hippo Noto color, which we have lovingly called Hippo.



A limited quantity will be available, so if you’re doing our Hippo local pickup or just happen to be around, come by and check out the swabs!  We will also have prototypes, previews of things to come!

Giveaway Time!

This time we are giving away a set of Colorverse Sunspot, a 30ML Diamine Skull and Roses, and a 30ML Calligraphy Passion.


The Diamine inks are exclusive to Germany.  So if you’ve been wanting to try it, this is a good chance!

Enter Here!

I leave you now with a photo of the epic bunch of ink that the Diamine prizes came in.