As many of you know, I am not a veteran pen show attendee, but I’d love to get there someday!  It was my first time in Atlanta and while it is not a huge show like DC, it was just as fun 🙂

There were many familiar faces there including Brad & Myke of the Pen Addict Podcast, Ana of the Well-Appointed Desk, Joe of Gentleman Stationer, Denise of @inkaday on IG, and the amazing and talented Nik P. of Entropy Ink.  There were also many, many new people who came out from all over the world to make the show great.  It is always the people who make the pen show ^_^.

I am happy to report that at this hotel I did not encounter ANY RATS!  Yay!  Huge improvement at the go over the LA show hotel.  The most annoying thing was that the bar closed at 11:00PM, and even during regular hours it was almost impossible to get a drink!  There was a single bartender and they were not meeting the demands of the thirsty pen crowd.  Some thought ahead and brought along their own drinks…or rather their own bar though.  Pen people surely know how to get down!


Will talk more about the after-hours later.  Here is a photo-dump of the main event:

Among all the amazing pens there, we also saw some hippos in the wild!


And finally photos of the best part of the pen show, great friends and the Pen Addict Live Podcast!  They had a fantastic Bingo event, Brad, Myke and Ana are as great in person as they are on air.


Honorable mention this trip obviously goes to the food lol.  I’m from Hawaii and we have no good biscuits and gravy, so I was very happy to discover that the hotel restaurant offered a buffet with them.  The Coke in ATL also blows ours out of the water!  The server was nice enough to bring me a cool straw container with the Coke logo on it because she thought it was amusing that I liked it so much.  We also made it out to Wahlburgers, Maggianos, TGI Fridays, Waffle House and Chick-Fil-A.  None of these places exist in Hawaii…so no judgement right ^_^.


One of the highlights of the show for me was that someone found me and gave me a hippo, an actual hippo!  And someone else found me to drop off Chick-Fil-A.  The kindness of the pen community never ceases to amaze.


The haul?  I didn’t come away with as many things as in DC or LA, but I love every single piece.

Can you tell I like similar color families?

Bonus, the Hippo Noto fits awesome in the Nock Co. Seed, so I picked up an amazing purple A5.  Such great products, I love all the Nock stuff, we made a Nock pile during the after hours, no pen show would be complete without it.

Definitely a show I would attend again, see you next year ATL!  Oh and + points for there being a wonderful direct flight to Hawaii.

I leave you now with this giveaway!  In honor of my love of pink:  Someone will win a Lamy Al-Star and Lamy Vibrant Pink Ink.


Forgive my awful picture, I am still suffering from the Post Pen Show Hangover!  lol.

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