When I opened up Sea Europa I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  The bottle label itself looks like a brown mauve, or darker flesh tone crossed my mind as well.

What comes to mind when you see the packaging?  So lets delve into what it really looks like.  Ink Shots and Writing Sample ^_^.

If there are super sheeners, there are definitely super shaders!  This ink has an amazing range of color.  No sheen that I can see, even in extremely wet pools, but it more than makes up for that with shading.  On paper it looks like a mix of a flesh color and brick, hard to pin down exactly what color it is, but I like it!  Finding something unique in the inky world isn’t always an easy thing to do, and Sea Europa is just that.

It is saturated enough for regular writing, and neutral enough to go well with other colors.  Almost like a make-up base.  But why not try it for yourself? Giving away a bottle of this ink as well as a journal pack!



Sea Europa also available at www.hipponoto.com and eligible for our gift with purchase promo!  Get all the detail here!

I leave you now with a photo of some new washi that just came in, part of tomorrow’s layout!