Yay for pink tones!  I was really excited to try Lights on Ceres from viewing the sticker on the bottles alone.  One can never have enough pink right?

Ink Blob:

Writing Sample:

This is one of the few pinks that I really took to without it having much of a sheen. On the extremely wet pools there is a sliver of sheen, but none in the main parts of the blob and none in regular writing.  It has a lot of nice shading, and also tones of red.  This isn’t a neon pink, which makes me like it more.  I almost feel like I want to write a love letter with it ❤

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While we are waiting for the Hippos to be given a final release, we got some super cute journal clips in!  Click on the photo to check them out up close.


We are fast approaching the release of the first Colorverse Limited Edition, Voyager 1!  There are limited quantities of our Gift with Purchase colors Glistening Andromeda and Alpha Centauri still available at http://www.hipponoto.com.

I leave you now with a photo of our doggo Bones being the most comfortable doggo in the world lol.