Green is definitely a color that I am trying to embrace in 2018.  My love for it started with Schrodinger and seems to continue with the focus of today’s entry, Sea of Tranquillity.

This color is part of Season 1, so comes with a 65ML and a 15ML bottle of the same tone. This is great especially for pen clubs who have a passion for trading/sharing/and generally being inky like ours ^_^.

So lets see the ink!

Ink Blob:

Writing Sample:

Swirl just because:


The ink has a really nice flow, even in a fine Wing Sung steel nib.  The shading is just gorgeous and photos don’t do it justice.  The blob has a really nice range of color, from a deep forest green to lighter tones.  There is a hint of that white texture/sheen that Mars Curiosity has, but it is much more subtle here.  A very pretty green with unique traits.  I don’t think that it beats Schrodinger for my top green, but I definitely like it!  What is your favorite green?

Colorverse News!  Colorverse will be launching its first Limited Edition set soon.

This set will be limited to 1977 units, as a nod to the year of Voyager 1.  Official launch is April 10th, 2018.  Pre-orders are now being taken at

Click here to check it out!

All Voyager 1 Pre-orders qualify for the Gift with Purchase Promo that includes the unreleased inks Glistening Andromeda and Alpha Centauri (another great green!).

We have also opened Season 3 Pre-Orders!  It seems like they were here and gone so quickly.  All pre-orders also qualify for the promo.

Colorverse Season 3 Pre-Orders! (16).jpg


Tiny Hippo Noto Update:

The Hippos have landed here in Hawaii!  They have not been released to us yet, and a much more official update will go out once we have them in our hands ^_^.  A seriously huge thank you to everyone who survived the delay thus far, the wait is almost over!


I leave you now with a photo of my Hippo out and about.  Can you even tell that a dog bit this pen?