Lots to cover in this blog entry!  ^_^  So let’s start with the ink.

Orange is not typically a color that I am inspired to use, it kind of goes the way of yellows for me in that I can appreciate a beautiful tone but never seem to reach for them.  A friend of mine recommended Electron Selectron by Colorverse when I spoke to them about wanting to expand the range of my swirl art.  See @squishy.ink on Instagram for my attempts lol.


My first thought was that these are totally Halloween colors, but Colorverse hasn’t let me down yet, so I gave it chance!

Ink Blobs:


Writing Samples:

Selectron is even water-resistant!

Both colors are definitely outside my wheelhouse, but they turned into great swirls!


The orange is saturated enough for writing or drawing, and the black is nice and crisp.  The water-resistance is a plus as well, as I’ve started to enjoy writing at cafes and having some condensation casualties.  But what is better than the opportunity to try this ink yourself?  Giveaway time!  See bottom of post for details.

Next let’s talk F-C Model 66 Hippo Noto Edition!  Here are some photos I took earlier, the pen came out beautifully and Franklin-Christoph once again hits it out of the park.

Limited quantities will be available starting March 7th @2:00PM HST.

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Now for the fun!  The Giveaway!


I leave you now with a photo of heaven…or rather Szechuan sauce and Arco lol!