Yellow is a color you don’t see on very often!  I will admit that it isn’t my favorite, although I do like sparkly golds, and I haven’t really found a yellow that sings to me. This is probably the closest that I have come to that.

Photon Gluon is a part of Season 3 from Colorverse Ink. The sets from Season 3 include two colors, rather than two of the same likes Seasons 2 and 3. Some of the small bottles are shimmering/glistening, and the Gluon bottle has quite an interesting shimmer!

Now lets get to the inky experiments! All experiments done on 68GSM Hippo Noto TR Paper. With the exception of the swirly tree, which was done in a Hobonichi Cousin.




I love that they put two such unlikely colors together! Photon has some beautiful shading, and enough saturation to be practical. Sadly I didn’t notice any sheen, even in the extremely wet pools. No surprise attributes yet either. Despite this it has a lovely base color that I don’t regret having a 65ML bottle of.

Gluon came as a surprise because of of the unique shimmer particles. I usually see gold or silver, but these particles seem to be red/pink. I found the ink itself a bit dry, in the broad 14K F-C nib that I used it in, but the pen did not clog. The particles seemed to come out in pools, and not many of the letters had a uniform shimmer, but of course your experience may vary. Regardless this is an ink that is a delight to use. I recently used it on some FP art and even though there were many colors in the piece, Gluon was the color that there was the most interest in.

The only thing that I find disappointing about the Season 3 colors are that I want more of what is in the 15ML bottles! I’d totally buy 65ML versions of Gluon and Cat which are the only ones I have tried so far. Maybe the ink gods will hear my prayers ^_^.

Want to get in on the fun? Colorverse inks available at:

I leave you now with a photo of the swirly bonsai featuring a Gluon trunk!