Season 3 of Colorverse released earlier this week!

The inks from Seasons 1 and 2 included two bottles of the same color, however this time around Colorverse decided to throw a twist on it and make the two bottles different. The bottle sizes are still the same, 65ML and 15ML. They also decided to throw shimmer (glistening as they call it), into the mix for certain sets. The first ink Schrodinger Cat is one such set.

Schrodinger is the 65ML bottle, while Cat is the 15ML.

***All experiments done on Hippo Noto 68GSM TR.

Ink Blob, I made a dual ink blob in tribute to how these two inks are linked.

Schrodinger is the green blob on the right, while Cat is the shimmer blue blob on the left.


In the photo below one of the legs of the Cat blob can be seen reaching out to Schrodinger, the sheen on Schrodinger looks like it matches Cat.

Writing Samples:

At first I have to say I was a bit disappointed with how Schrodinger went down on the paper. It looked like a normal green ink, however as the blob dried I saw the unique blue sheen on the green blob, just shining there. This is just sheen, no shimmer involved. I can’t recall another green with such a sheen! The ink itself has a high flow, and wasn’t as “thick” as some of the other inks I tried from Season 2. It is not a sheen monster, but in darker pools and it shows on regular writing.

Cat is perhaps the prettiest shimmer blue that I have seen. It seems to have multiple dimensions of shimmer color, and behaves well even in a relatively narrow nib. I tried it with a Sailor M and regular writing and lines still produced shimmer, sheen and shading. No clogs so far! *cross fingers*.

Want to do your own experiments? Seasons 2 and 3 available at

I leave you now with a photo of some inky fun ^_^.