Happy New Year everyone! So excited to see what 2018 will bring in terms of ink, fountain pens, notebooks, and more ^_^. So lets start the year off with some sheen shall we?

As all of the other Colorverse inks, it comes with some downright amazing packaging with not one but two bottles! I still haven’t used the pen stand, or the awesome stickers that it comes with, but I am sure that there is room in one of the five planners I intend to use this year for them.

For this review I decided to ink up my Pelikan M400 Brown Tortoiseshell, since I felt like being matchy.

Ink Blob:


Writing Sample:

If you are looking for a brown that has a hidden sheen beast inside, this is it! That sheen beast also has green tones, which is super cool, and it even comes up in regular writing. The base color of the ink has a nice shading, while the flow was very medium in this pen.

While the ink was drying it did remind me of boiling beef with a bit of fat around it though *eek*, but when it was dry I could totally appreciate the color. Colorverse is doing a great job with these sheeners.

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I leave you now with a photo of my IG (@squishy.ink) top 9! It seems people really love Sailors ^_^