Every once in a while I get lucky and come across an LE Sailor makes it into my collection. Many of these are elusive and are only available in Japan, making purchasing from the US difficult and expensive. This time luck came in the form of an amazing friend living in Japan. I showed her the photo of Akubi that I saw on Instagram and she immediately set out finding the price and availability for me. It turns out that this pen comes with an ink in a limited edition set, with only 200 sets made.

Let’s delve into the unboxing! I really love the Maruzen wrapping, it reminds me of the paper they use to wrap Yoku Moku, my favorite Japanese cookie brand. There is a lot of attention to detail here, and even a cute little ribbon sticker for a nice finishing touch.

This edition is a collaboration between Tatsunoko Pro and Sailor.

I could tell right away that this pen would be love at first sight…how can this nib be wrong?

The seahorse featured on the nib is a nod to the meaning of the Tatsunoko name. The only thing I would change about the nib is that it is only available in MF, I prefer a B ^_^.

There is a small flower engraving on the cap, and like many other Sailor LEs, this pen features different colors for different parts. Instead of the standard trim wording, the pen reads: Tatsunoko Production 55th x Sailor.

The ink bottle features a cute anime character on the cap. I would have thought this ink would be pink because of the pen body, but it is actually a green.

But how does it write?

The pen has a medium flow that is not at all unpleasant, even for someone like myself who prefers gushers.

It came with a white Sailor converter, but I quickly changed that to one of the new pink versions:

Why it took Sailor so long to do this I have no idea! Need to collect them all though….

This will end up being one of my favorite Sailor LEs, despite the MF nib. From what I can tell this nib seems a lot more juicy than the Mitsukoshi Sailor LE MF Nib that I bought earlier in the year. Of course more testing is needed, but on first impression, this pen is much higher on my favs list.

I leave you now with a photo of today’s entire haul ^_^. Hmmm a duplicate ink in the photo…perhaps another giveaway coming soon? ❤