After writing dry Vega and Altair loaded with Jacques Herbin 1798 Amethyste de l’Oural, I felt like moving right along the shimmer train.  Diamine Frosted Orchid was on the top of my list to try…it is purple after all!

For this review I inked up my Sailor Carrot – B Nib.  I still try not to use shimmer inks with anything other than C/C pens.  Irrational fear or not?


Ink Drying:


Ink Blob:



Writing Sample:


This ink was a lot dryer than I thought it would be, it was almost not enjoyable to write with, an issue that I have not encountered with other shimmer inks while using the same pen.  It is a beautiful color that is in fact reminiscent of an orchid with a frosty sheen over it.  Speaking of sheen, this ink has an interesting dark sheen as well as hints of a gold sheen peeking through.

Perhaps because of how dry the ink is, it has quite a bit of shading.  That mixed with the soft purple and of course the shimmer has an overall ethereal effect.  I would love to use this ink for art, or anything else that requires an ink blob ^_^.

I leave you now with this photo of my doggo having a great time at the park.