Japanese stationery store exclusive inks are a rabbit hole that I sometimes wish I hadn’t gone down, or well my wallet wishes! With as many as there are and obtainability issues, its just about impossible to keep up, so when I do see them on the market and can get them without jumping through too many hoops, I do! In this case I was ordering a pen from Nagasawa Japan and saw that they had new inks, I quickly added them to my order.

It appears that these inks are inspired by Van Gogh, and come in delightful packaging featuring his works. I decided to try the blue first, its packaging features the portrait of Joseph Roulin.

For this review I decided to ink my Pilot VP Crimson Sunrise, it puts down a decently juicy line, and it needed ink! Don’t mind the inky table, I’m out of Windex lol!

Journal Entry:

Ink Blob:

This ink has such a cool sheen! I would even say that it has a range of sheen as well as a range of color. The sheen goes from a black tar-like matte to a reddish and even a green. The base color is a beautiful royal to navy blue and has some nice shading as well as the tar-like sheen in writing. I only saw the green come out very rarely on juicy lines such as quotation marks. This ink is wonderful for daily writing and I will totally finish this bottle eventually ^_^

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I leave you now with photos of a super cool pen that I received from Chet Herbert of the Herbert Pen Company. Its magic! ❤