After the semi-disappointment that MB The Legend of Zodiacs Red Chine was, I really needed red ink to redeem itself.  I heard about Shinpuku inks and luckily found that they were accessible.


Don’t mind the big yellow Hobonichi boxes, those are exciting too but totally for another blog post.  I ordered all 5 colors that I could find, a couple of notecards and a washi tape from Shinpuku.  My first instinct was to start with the blue, but I decided to give the red a chance ^_^

It comes in the wonderful old style Sailor bottle with a volcano and what appears to be a hand drawn ink swab on the volcano smoke.  I could be wrong about the hand drawn thing, but whatever it is, its a nice touch!

For this review I decided to ink up my 18111 Bonfire with Franklin-Christoph Flex nib.  Beautiful reds together!


Ink Blob:

FullSizeRender 10.jpg


Ink Swab and Comparison:


The sheen is amazing!  It’s definitely present during regular writing on TR paper, and there is a lot of it!  It created that much desired (by me lol) halo effect around the letters.  It did however lack shading.  The range of base color isn’t as wide as a lot of the other inks I review.  This ink reminds me a lot of a few other Sailor inks including BB Lycoris Red, Sailor Irori, and Gakunan Train.

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I leave you now with this photo of some of the items in the Hobonichi boxes ^_^