By the time I got into the ink game, the old style Sailor bottles were long gone.  However, luckily there are a few shops that still have some of the older bottles hanging on.  Akashi turned out to be one of those shops.


I ordered 5 inks from there, three of which came in the awesome old style bottle and the other two were in the newer bottle which I definitely don’t like as much.


MB Saint-Exupery put me in the mood for wine colors, so I thought that Akashi Twilight Bordeaux would be fitting.  I decided to ink up my Pelikan M600 M, a juicy writer!


InkJournal Entry:


Ink Blob:


Enhanced to show detail:



Ink Swab and Comparison:

This ink is a rich wine color similar to Montblanc Saint-Exupery which I recently reviewed.  As with the Saint-Exupery, this ink only sheens when extremely wet and seldom with regular writing.  It does however have an epic bottle and a lush base color, so no regrets on owning a bottle.  Not all inks can be sheen monsters right?  🙂

I leave you now with a couple of photos of the Hippo Noto ivory final QC sample that I am testing now.