While breathing a sign of relief that Hobonichi opening day madness is over for me, I decided that there would be nothing more relaxing than doing an ink writeup, especially one that reminds me of felfire!

Voice Blueberry Pie is another Japanese store exclusive ink made by Sailor.  While it comes in the bottle with the miser I don’t care for much, the Pilot FA that I decided to ink up filled quite nicely.

InkJournal Entry:

Ink Blob:

Ink Swab and Comparisons:



It is pretty hard to tell on the swabs, but the ink has a nice greenish sheen.  Its not a gold like the other two purples that I recently compared, but a beautiful felfire green.  Brings me back to my days of WoW ^_^.  It may be the color that Illidan would use to ink his FP if he used one.

The ink was borderline slow drying, but I use TR 99% of the time, so I expect wait times. The blob actually had a section that did not dry at all, which does happen sometimes if I overdo it with the ink.  That part will just remain a bit of a sticky mess until it gets smeared on the next page.  One thing I loved about this color is that it sheens during regular writing.  Often times we have a sheeny blob with flat writing, but this is an exception.

Definitely worth buying if you love unusual sheening colors.  The ink is called Blueberry Pie, but it looks a lot more purple to me, but I suppose it could look blue with purple tones too.

I leave you now with this photo of Robert Oster’s idea of chess ^_^.