Anyone who has been paying attention here knows that I ❤ ❤ ❤ sheen ^_^.  This ink is definitely a sheen monster!  The ink is called Walden Pond Blue and its made by Organics Studio.  I have only tried one of their inks prior to this:  Nitrogen and that was also a sheen monster, but I think this edges it out a little in terms of what has been called an ink with a base color of sheen (credit to the Pen Addict Slack for that term).

The packaging isn’t too impressive, just a cardboard box with a photo of Henry David Thoreau on a sticker.  The ink itself comes in a plain bottle labeled simply Walden.

For this review I decided to ink up my Pelikan M805 Stresemann, it is one of my favorite writers and has a nice wet flow that I thought would help the sheen along.


Little did I know the ink did not need any help!


What color is it?  Its seriously hard to tell in some photos, but I would say that it has a teal base color.  Here is a swab with different lighting.


Ink Blob:



If you want a fun ink that will blind your penpal, try this!  ^_^   The only negative was that it seemed to dry the Pelikan out a bit.  It had no problem starting up again, but it was definitely not as easy going as other pens.  Once it starts flowing though, its just a beautiful river of sheen…

I leave you now with some photos from Hippo Noto Update #15 ^_^