Its been crazy busy lately, but I have not forgotten about you all!  It’s a good kind of busy though, and for your patience with the silence I wanted to say THANK YOU for being an amazing community ^_^.  In thanks I am giving away a Squishy’s Favorite Things Bundle:

  • 1x Pelikan M205 White F Nib
  • 1x Hobonichi Cousin A5 Spring
  • 1x Montblanc UNICEF Ink
  • 1x Diamine 150 Years Lilac Night
  • 1x Franklin-Christoph Black Cherry
  • 1x KWZ Chicago Blue
  • 1x Graf von Faber-Castell Burned Orange
  • 1x Turn Tops Glow in the dark Pen Holder

Each represents something I love, for example the Hobonichi has tomoe paper, which everyone knows I am a huge fan of.  The Graf von Faber-Castell items reminds me of my time using their brush pens to BuJo.  Lilac Night is well…purple!  And so on.

This is a great prize bundle for beginners and veterans alike!

I hope you all have fun entering, I am trying Rafflecopter which is new to me!  So if I mess something up please have patience ^_^

Here are some photos of the prizes:


Please enter here ^_^