Next on my agenda of trying inks with super cute bottles is Usagiya No. 006 Love George.

The bottle features a heart being struck by an arrow.  Lucky George?  At first glance this ink reminded me of the Usagiya ink I had just tried, No. 24 aka cute octopus ink, but as I used it, it became clear that this ink has a character of its own!

For this review I decided to ink up my new F-C Ghost.  Can you see the pen in the photo?  lol.


InkJournal Entry:


Ink Blob:


Ink Swab and Comparisons:


This is fast becoming one of my favorite magenta tones.  It has a bit of sheen, but a dramatic shading and is definitely saturated enough to read without difficulty.  I love that Usagiya has so many bright tones.  I’m excited to try the rest of the collection!

I leave you now with a photo of this awesome lobster from the lobster event we attended last week ^_^