When I was heavily into non-FP Bullet Journaling, I was a huge fan of Faber-Castell products, from the calligraphy markers to the Pitt Artist Brush Pens, they were solid products.  I’ve been curious about their FPs but haven’t yet pulled the trigger on one, but when I saw that they had new color FP inks come out, I thought that would be a great first step to reintroduction to the brand.

Three new colors have been released, Electric Pink, Burned Orange and Turquoise.


I was lucky enough to score these bottles from Alexander Mengerink of De Roos in the Netherlands.  He was kind enough to help me get a pre-order for the amazing Pelikan Royal Gold Raden that was just released and sent these to me at the same time.  For that reason I decided that I would ink the pen up with one of these wonderful colors first.

The packaging is above average, and the bottle is beautiful.  It has nice details, and whoever designed it definitely did so with care.

Now how does it perform?


InkJournal Entry:


Ink Swab:


Ink Blob:



This ink is exactly as it is titled, pink!  The ink itself seemed a bit more watery than other inks that I have tried, almost like a watermelon type when it goes down, and then it changes to a well saturated pink with a bit of shading.  Sheen was only present in very small quantities at the wettest parts of the blob.

Here are some comparison shots with other pinks:


When this ink shades it really shades!  But the shading was not plentiful in my trials/writing.  The range of color is wide though.  Can’t wait to try the rest of the inks in this set!  They seem the perfect summer inks!


I leave you now with a photo of my M800+ family in the amazing Nock Co. case that a friend got me for my birthday ^_^