Packages from Japan always welcome!  Most recently I received some lovely stationery and two new Sailor inks ^_^


I wonder sometimes if I will ever get to reviewing them all, but #goals right!  This time the inks are StyleDEE, I am guessing that the Dee has something to do with Delta, because the insert this ink has says it was produced by Giftionery Delta, and the logo is placed prominently on the bottle.  I opted for two colors in the pink family, but lets explore the darker one first!

The ink is called Kitashinchi Beniyo, according to the insert Kitashinchi is a historical entertainment district in Osaka.

This ink comes in standard Sailor packaging with a Japanese/English insert with a mini swab of the ink and info about the company, which I found unusual for an exclusive ink.

For this review I decided to ink up the GW Gem Pen prototype as an eyedropper!  I thought the color would display well under the shimmery light pink of the Gem Pen.


InkJournal Entry:


Ink Blob:





This ink did not immediately remind me of any particular color, but it has the same great qualities of other Sailor inks.  It isn’t a sheen monster like Yama-Budo or Voice Shiba-Zuke, but it does produce a subtle, reliable sheen even with normal writing.  If this ink had just a tad bit more sheen it would definitely make my favorites list.  The flow and the shading are amazing!  I will be sad when I run out of this one ^_^.

I leave you now with this cute video of my tiny puppy realizing that he is too tiny lol.