This has been such a fun giveaway!  Here are all the hippos that were entered as 10x bonus entries!  Every one is a beauty ^_^

I am so touched by the amazing amount of support for this project, and the hippo sized number of people who participated in this event.  It had the largest turnout by far of any giveaway I have sponsored ^_^.

The Winners:

Leanna Cymbala – FPN
Ponder.and.bloom – IG
Michael Yang – Blog
Gini Cooper – Blog
Katy Mae Bossart – Hippo Noto Page

Please direct message me with your preferences ASAP, I will be putting the production numbers through tomorrow.  Thank you all for playing, and all the support ^_^.  Stay tuned for more giveaways and ink reviews in the near future!  With the production underway, I am hoping to get back to the backlog of inks in queue to review.

There is still around 24 hours to order a hippo noto that will ship with the launch notebooks.  We would love to have you join the #hipposquad!