Organics Studio is an ink that I have heard more bad than good about.  Stories of sediment, dryness, and iffy quality.  Despite this when I saw a photo of the sheen that comes off their color Nitrogen, I had to have a bottle.  Unfortunately it was sold out everywhere for a while, it was almost as elusive as some Japanese inks that I’ve had to chase.  But a fateful day last week I received an email from Vanness saying that the color was back in stock!

For this review I decided to ink up my Pelikan M205, F nib.  I trusted that the sheen would be insane, so an F nib would be fine ^_^.



InkJournal Entry:

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Ink Blob:



That sheen tho!  The time-lapse is definitely worth checking out.  The change from blue to that gorgeous red sheen is dramatic!  It has a nice flow, great saturation, and medium shading which doesn’t bother me because #sheen.  The only thing that I will say I didn’t care for was the long dry time coupled with the “stickiness” that sometimes comes with large amounts of sheen.  I smeared a bit while doing the InkJournal entry, moreso than with other inks.  I highly recommend trying this ink if you like sheen though!  I’m going to stock up on this one!

I leave you now with a photo of the latest Hippo Noto color mock-up, forest green!


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