Could it be?  An actual ink review?  ^_^  So I was finally able to take a moment and play with some ink.  This time its Mitsukoshi Hikaru ink.

This is another Sailor ink, branded for a shop in Japan.  I thought this was a little interesting though because the shop isn’t just a stationery store, it is a whole department store!  This ink was sold with a matching pen which I did not use for the review because I did not have the heart to dump Bungubox Mother Pink, but here are a few photos of it in all its glory!  It features the cute little kidney bean shape on the nib and the cap.

For this review I decided to ink up the other limited edition FP from japan I received relatively recently.  The Pilot Sakura VP Decimo.


InkJournal Entry:


Ink Swab:


Ink Blob:



It has a gorgeous sheen!  It comes out in regular writing as well which is always a plus in my book!  The color did remind me of some other colors though, and I have been suspicious of Sailor rebottling before so I decided to do some comparison swabs.


Luckily the two Bungubox inks that I thought of when I was testing this out turned out to be significantly different.  If you look at the blob for Hikaru and then the one for Lycoris Red, you’ll see why I was suspicious!

The ink and the pen that go with it are beautiful and I can’t recommend them enough!  The color is fantastic and it has a good amount of sheen.  What more can you ask for?

I leave you now with some cute concept art for Hippo Noto.  If you haven’t joined the #hipposquad yet, it is not too late!  Join the #hipposquad here!

Hoping to have a new update ready soon.  I am so grateful for all of the continued support!  ^_^.