After the odd reaction Montegrappa Violet had with tomoe paper I was a little wary of trying the fuchsia I have had sitting in my to try pile for months.  But I got up the courage and I am sure glad that I did!

Montegrappa really wants the ink to get to the customer without issue and it really shows in their packaging.  For the record mine was received with no mishap at all ^_^.

For this review, I decided to ink my MB Rouge et Noir Coral Snake, the body of the pen doesn’t exactly match this color, but the nib looks glorious bathed in fuchsia!


InkJournal Entry:




Ink Swab in the Col-O-Ring book!  PRETEND THIS ONES SAYS IT TOO!


This ink does not have much in the way of shading, but its such a bold, bright fuchsia that it really did not matter to me.  It behaved well on tomoe paper, however where my line was wetter, I would notice that it went through the paper more easily than other inks do.  Not a huge problem since I will just be using this for regular writing, but something to consider if you’re using it for art.  Beautiful saturation!  It reminded me of Noodlers Cactus Fruit Eel, but without the bad smell!  Sadly no sheen, but I can live with that.  Totally glad I have a whole bottle of this one!

I leave you now with this photo of Hippo Noto on the go!  And an invitation to join us on the new Hippo Noto Facebook page!  Join the #hipposquad on FB!