With the amazing launch of the Hippo Noto Kickstarter  I have fallen a bit behind in my ink reviews, but for a good cause so…^_^.  Tonight I decided to give my Visconti Rembrandt a last shot to impress me before it becomes part of the destash that I plan to do at some point.  Writing Lab Old Burgundy seemed a good choice for this purpose, as the Writing Lab/Pen and Message inks tend to be very well behaved.

It comes in the fabulous “old style” Sailor bottle, can never have too many of those!


InkJournal Entry:


Line going down on 68GSM TR paper in Hippo Noto:

Ink Blob



There is some really nice sheen and shading going on!  The shading is rather dramatic, and in the darker points of the writing there is a nice sheen.  The blob shows sheen very well.  The color itself seems like a true burgundy in writing, but in the blob its possible to see some purple tones.  Another winner from Japan that is sadly not too readily available in the US.

I leave you now with this photo of a hippo pod just hanging out ^_^