Orange isn’t a color I am typically in love with, but its definitely a color that I want to love.  It is a bright, happy color that really gives a little something extra to the pages of my notebook whenever I use it, but perhaps its my aversion to pumpkins?  In any case, I felt like trying a new orange and had a small bottle of Monteverde Fire Opal on hand ^_^


For this review I decide to be matchy and use my Sailor Carrot.


InkJournal Entry:


Line going down on 52GSM TR:

Ink Blob:

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Time-Lapse:  Wait for it….

Notice anything intersting about the blob?  Its alive!  I have never seen an ink behave like that.  It left behind raised clumps, so I reviewed the time-lapse and wow, it looks like the ink caught fire.  Perhaps that is how it earned its name?  Fire Opal!  This only happened in super wet pools, but I am not sure if it only happens when its drying or if having it sit in a pen would produce such results as well?  I didn’t really want to chance it with my precious carrot, so the ink has already been flushed from this pen.  Have you ever experienced this?  I am relatively new to the FP world and have not.

The color itself was fantastic, it has nice shading and a ghostly white sheen.  It is not an overly bright orange and did not hurt my eyes at all.  I did two separate blobs just to make sure it was not a fluke.  Too bad about the clumps 😦