While I love shimmer inks, I find that I don’t reach for them often in regular writing.  The effect is super neat, but my handwriting just tends to look nicer with fine nibs and I’ve always felt that these inks deserve something more broad.  Long story short that is the reason Diamine Tropical Glow has been sitting in my to try pile for months.  But last night I felt like something shiny and new to put into the TWSBI 580 Green that arrived ^_^

The results were epic.

InkJournal Entry (yay!  I found an InkJournal I haven’t filled yet):


Line going down on 68GSM TR:

Ink Blob:



Check out that amazing red sheen on the blob!  I haven’t seen sheen too much on these type of inks besides on Emerald of Chivor which has a bit of everything.  This ink does as well.  It has a wonderful flow, glitter for days, a nice saturation and a hint of shading.  I shook the bottle really well before I filled my pen and also before I filled the pipet for the time-lapse.  Its important to do so because the glitter tends to settle at the bottom of the bottle.  Even while in the pen this can happen, so I gently roll the pen to more evenly distribute the shimmer.

This has taken E of C’s place as my favorite shimmer ink ^_^  Makes me want to draw a whale.

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