Montblanc usually doesn’t disappoint when it comes to ink…or anything for that matter!  I’ve been wanting to give Leo Tolstoy a try but I have gotten so many blues lately, do I really need another?  The answer it seems, is always yes!

This particular Montblanc limited edition does not come in the cute little square 30ML bottle, but a 35ML bottle, like William Shakespeare.

For this review I decided to ink up my Pilot Custom 74.


Ink Info:


Line going down on 68GSM TR…the extra squiggle is where I didn’t know the camera wasn’t on lol!:

Ink Blob:



Up-close of writing sheen:


That sheen tho!  All of the things I heard about this ink did not prepare me for all of that sheeny goodness.  The sheen even came out in regular writing.  It has a rich saturation with middling shading and gorgeous sheen.  I would say that’s a win!  The only thing I want to note is that in the extremely dark parts of the blob, the ink was a bit “sticky”.  It did not dry completely like most blobs do.  But the odds of ever having that much ink on the paper during regular use are pretty small.

So the fun part!  I feel like there hasn’t been a giveaway in ages!


Prize:  1x bottle of Montblanc Leo Tolstoy

Open to USA

Deadline:  3/23/17 @7:00PM HST

How to win:

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  4. As always subscribers old and new are loved.  1 Entry per sub, just let me know if you already do!

Have fun all!  Thank you for making this community amazing!  ^_^