This totally isnt a food review I promise ^_^.  Ishida Bungu has an exclusive color called Hakodate Curry.  The name itself makes me totally hungry, and the photo on the front of the bottle didn’t do anything to help me avoid Japanese curry for lunch!

For this review I decided to ink up my new Franklin-Christoph Model 40 Panther with Cocopearl trim.  When one sees a limited pen in the stockroom, one must heed the call!


This pen is the first cursive italic (CI) and first Masuyama grind that I am trying since entering into the world of FPs.

InkJournal Entry:


Line going down on 68GSM TR:

Ink Blob:


No time-lapse today, but I do have a lovely paper towel chromatography blob.


Doesn’t the towel blob totally remind you of an eaten cupcake wrapper?  That aside, this color is fantastic!  It has great attributes, nice flow, nice shading, and the color is unique.  It is missing sheen, but even for my sheen loving self the color is amazing enough not to need it.  I’m usually not one who puts colors other than pinks and purples high on my favorites list, but this is easily the brown I have liked most so far ^_^

Here is another small writing sample in case you’re on the fence:


What do you think of this color?  Does it make you hungry?

I leave you now with this photo of some nibbage.