After my disappointment with Moonstone, which a lot of other people seem crazy about :), I approached this ink with less expectation.  Charoite set the bar extremely high!  Out of the two remaining that I purchased, Garnet and Fire Opal were left to try.  I went with Garnet.

It comes in the Monteverde packaging that really wants you to know that it has their ITF technology.


The bottle is a generous 90ML size.


For this review I decided to ink up my Sailor Carrot.  No better reason than it was in need of ink ^_^


Makeshift InkJournal Entry (HDR and normal light):

Line going down on 68GSM TR

Ink Blob:



It wasn’t the color I was expecting, but I should have been since it looks exactly like the label.  I’ve typically thought of garnet in terms of deep red, but this color has a lot of pink in it.  Which isn’t an issue at all since I love pink ^_^.  It has a nice sheen on the blob, sadly I wasn’t able to get this to translate to regular writing.  The shading however, carries the day, it has lots of light and dark tones but is not overwhelming.

I leave you now with a photo of some pretty epic potato skins #yum.