Continuing on with the epic #inkmail I received from Japan the other day, I inked up Writing Lab – Vintage Denim.

It comes in a tall Sailor box with a Vintage Denim sticker on it, but redeems itself by featuring the lovely old style Sailor bottle.  No miser required!

For this review I decided to ink up my Pelikan M805 Stresemann (F nib) which is fast becoming my favorite writer.

InkJournal Entry, I forgot my actual InkJournal at home so had to improvise:

Line going down on 68GSM TR:

​Ink Blob:

After I saw that cool sheen I had to do a time-lapse!  Apologies in advance that it got cut short due to death of phone, but you can still see the neat effect ^_^


The sheen on this ink is just gorgeous.  During regular writing it is a dark red, but in the blob it goes from dark red to green.  Against the super dark blue it almost has an oil slick effect, which actually made a small comeback in the high fashion scene around a year ago.  I’m not sure that this reminds me of denim, even of the vintage variety, but I absolutely love the color.  The ink has a great flow, more than enough saturation, and even some nice shading.  So far the Pen and Message/Writing Lab inks have been very much worthwhile!  Can’t wait to try the rest of them!