Continuing on my quest for shimmer and shine, I decided to open the sample of Diamine Golden Oasis that has been in my to try box for a while.  I received the sample from a dear friend with the most fantastic ink collection!  #inkenvy

I am typically on the fence about green inks so jumped at the chance to sample it before I commit to a bottle.

For this review I decided to ink up my TWSBI Eco Lime with M Nib.  Green on green ^_^


It certainly looks lovely in the demo!

InkJournal Entry:


Line going down on 68GSM TR:

Ink Blob:


And of course I had to capture the absolutely amazing effect of this ink drying…time-lapse!

This ink is such a fantastic green.  Its vibrant, and the shimmer and sheen push it right over the edge.  It has golden sparkle and a black sheen that gives the ink a lot of depth.  It reminded me of a venus fly trap, I will probably attempt to draw one later ^_^

It is worth noting that the second collection of Diamine Shimmertastic inks seem to behave a lot better than the first, which makes sense because they had time to work out all the bugs.  For example the first collection clogs my pens, but the current collection has not.  I may definitely be ordering a full bottle of this beauty.  I need more greens.

What do you think of the new Shimmertastics?  ^_^