My exploration into shimmer inks brought me back to an old favorite, J. Herbin 1670 Emerald of Chivor, known fondly as EoC.  This ink is similar to the Diamine Shimmertastic Collection in that there are actual sparkle particles that are mixed into the ink.  The shimmer particles in both collections tend to get stuck at the bottom of the bottle, so shaking the bottle before filling is advisable.

The packaging has the cutest whale on it ^_^, among other character of course.


The bottle is beautiful, square with a 1670 wax seal on the front.  The only thing that I did not care for on this was that in no time at all the top of the bottle starts cracking.  Another bottle I have from this series in another color has the same issue.  Not a huge deal, but its a bit unsightly.


For this review I decided to ink up my TWSBI Eco White with Broad nib.  I’ve used this ink with F-M nibs before but have had a bit of clogging, and to get the beautiful color variation I have better luck with broad nibs.


InkJournal Entry:


Line going down on 68GSM TR paper:

Ink Blob:


Of course this ink just called out for a time-lapse!  ^_^

This ink is just gorgeous!  Its a saturated green that sheens red and has the golden glitter particles shining in all their glory.  It is just my speculation that the red is sheen, but it makes sense, as it is somewhat unpredictable where the red will be, and there does not appear to be any red glitter in the bottle when looking at the settled glitter.  The red usually only appeared in the wetter pools as well.  As far as shading goes, there is a bit of it, but with all of the other characteristics competing for attention I didn’t see anything too significant.

I’ve only experienced clogging with this ink a couple of times, and only when using smaller nibs.  YMMV on this.

But how would you like to try this for yourself?  ^_^  Yes, that’s right, theres a giveaway here.


Prize:  1x Bottle of Emerald of Chivor Ink

Deadline:  3/8/17 @ 7:00PM HST

Open to USA

How to Win!

  1.  Comment on this blog entry about your favorite characteristic (or combination of) of ink (shading/sheening/saturation etc). 2 Entries
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Good luck!  ^_^