Upon entering the FP universe, Monteverde was one of the first brands I came across, however I never ended up buying either pen or ink.  My interest was renewed when I heard that they had come out with a new Gemstone ink collection.  I am totally a sucker for gems ^_^.  Since my experience with the brand was basically non-existent, I decided to order a few before I got my feet wet with the entire collection.


They come in both 90ML bottles and 30ML, I went with 90ML for the colors I was the most sure about and 30ML for the colors that sounded interesting but wasn’t sure if I needed 90ML of.  Of course I had to try the purple first!

There are two purple type tones in this collection, Amethyst and Charoite.  Since I had to google what Charoite was I went with that for my first purple from this set.

For this review I decided to ink up my Pelikan M805 Stresemann, its one of my favorite writers and I had already used up that delicious Aurora Blue/Black!


InkJournal Entry:


Line going down on 68GSM Tomoe:

Ink Blob:


And something special, a time-lapse of this beautiful ink drying!  ^_^


This ink is fantastic!  It has excellent saturation, moderate shading, and an absolutely amazing flow.  Monteverde makes no secret of the ITF technology they use with their ink, it is printed right smack on the front of the box.  The back reveals that this stands for “Ink Treatment Formula” which drastically improves ink-flow quality, extends cap-off time, and lubricates/protects the ink feeding systems from corrosion or clogging.  I won’t say no to that!

The color itself reminded me a lot of the gemstone tanzanite, of which I am totally a fan.


And that green sheen!!!  I love inks with interesting sheen, and this definitely has that.  I didn’t see much of it come up in regular writing, however perhaps with a broader nib it would be more present.  Can’t wait to try the rest of this collection!  ^_^