Lately I’ve been thinking about sparkly inks a lot.  I’m a total lover of sheen, but what about ink with actual sparkles?  I’ve tried a few before and while they are super cool, it always feels a bit like cheating if you have to shake the bottle for the shine to come through lol.

Tonight I was a bit bored and decided to test the limited of tomoe river paper absorbancy and sparkles!  So I shot this hour long time-lapse of Diamine Pink Glitz drying on TR paper.  It is only a 20 second video, but its pretty neat to watch.

What impressed me even more was that despite the large amount of ink I put on the paper, it hardly touched the next page.  Tomoe is truly magical!


I’m pretty curious to see how Emerald of Chivor will do in a test like this.  What is your favorite shimmer ink?  The jury is still out on that for me ^_^


I leave you now with this photo of my pen squad today.