Continuing in my quest to diversify my ink collection, I purchased Montblanc Lucky Orange.  So far my favorite orange has been the Philly Pen Show Orange from Franklin-Christoph, but it isn’t something I find myself reaching for.  Perhaps this orange will be different?  I am totally a fan of Montblanc ink and so far I have not met one that I hate.

Lucky Orange is a limited edition so it comes in a special box and the MB limited edition bottle.



I just love opening these and seeing the happy snowflake at the top ^_^

For this review I decided to ink up my TWSBI Eco – White with B Nib.  It is an extremely wet writer and I was hoping for some nice shading or sheen as usual.



I have to say, the ink looks amazing in a demonstrator pen, like it was made for it!

InkJournal Entry:


Line going down on 68GSM Tomoe:

Ink Blob:


This ink reminds me of an inferno, lava maybe?  Its vibrant, has a very wet flow, and does decently shading.  There is small bit of ghostly white sheen in the wettest areas of the blob but I did not experience any while writing.  The shading is not as dramatic as I hoped it would be, but the color is definitely worth trying.  This edges out both Philly Pen Show 17 and Monarch from KWZ for me.  But will it beat the Bungubox Orange?  Perhaps I will get brave enough to buy a bottle of it someday ^_^.  But now…Time for the giveaway!



Montblanc Lucky Orange Ink Giveaway!

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Goodluck all!  ❤