Today was one of those days when I was running around like a chicken with no head.  So I forgot my review items at work…luckily there was some glorious ink mail waiting for me when I got home.

I have a deep love of Sailor ink…so of course the box I received from Japan was full of them.  I thought I had missed my chance at Sweet Love Pink, however Bungubox brought it back for Valentines Day along with a Valentine’s Choco Brown.  To get the Sweet Love Pink, I had to order both inks which wasn’t much of a burden since I love to try new colors.  I have to admit though, I am a bit scared to try the brown after my disappointment at Tortoiseshell Brown 😦  But we shall find out in a review soon…


The other ink in the photo (bottom left), is from a shop that I have not tried before called Sanko-do, and the color is Yamazakigawa, a pretty pink!  This will definitely be reviewed soon, as its already in a pen lol.

The other item in my box was a syringe kit, as many of you know I am not one for cartridges and only really use them as a last resort, however I am always open to trying new things so I am looking at a few cartridge only pens.  In order to be prepared I felt this was perfect!  The photo on the Bungubox website showed a blue syringe, but what arrived was a super cute pink one!!!  How did they know?


This could definitely be dangerous, as it opens a whole new world of pens that will haunt me…and my wallet!  We will see how this develops…

What new and adventrous pen habits have you taken up recently?  I just talked to someone who has bought custom blanks…now that is a rabbit hole I am not prepared for yet!  ^_^