Today was a VERY good pen mail day ^_^  It started off like this:

I’m always happy to get things wrapped in green and white textured boxes!  And everyone knows that if I win, you win, theres definitely some giveaway prizes in that photo.  But first things first, the reviews!

I was planning to talk about the ink first, but the pen is just too beautiful to ignore.  I think this is my favorite picture of all the photos I have taken.  And perhaps my new favorite pen as well!


The pen I chose is the Nakaya Portable Cigar in Heki-Tamenuri.  It is a beautiful brown color with the lightest contrasting green.

Though the name says portable, it is a full sized pen.  Here is a photo of it compared to my Naka-ai in Awai-Murasaki.


I opened for the plain gold nib (soft fine) on this one and I am glad I did, the combination is amazing!  I took this photo intending to show the contrast in color between this and the ruthenium on the Naka-Ai, but ended up with a photo of two old pen friends chatting overlooking a lake lol.


I’m glad that my Nakaya are getting along so nicely, if you have two maybe they will repopulate the pen box?  #wishfulthinking

But how does it write?  My first writing experience with this pen was an odd one, mostly because of the ink I chose and not the pen.  Since I wanted to try Montegrappa ink I decided to open the Violet color.  Purple!

InkJournal Entry:


Line going down on CF Paper:

Ink Blob:


Notice anything?  This is definitely one of the oddest ink blobs that I have ever seen, even more odd was that it feathered and bled through even 68GSM Tomoe paper.  This blob went through 3 sheets of 68GSM, which I have never seen before.  In fact no ink I have done the blob test on, no matter how large the blob, has ever even touched the 2nd page.  With this ink there were traces on the 4th page.  Here is a sample of the show through on 52GSM tomoe:


That basically never happens.  I was so distraught that I discussed this with some pen friends and they suggested that I try another paper.  The CF paper handled this ink a LOT better than the TR did.  So that is a caution to whoever ends up winning my extra bottle of this ink!  Hope you use CF or basically anything other than tomoe!  See below if you’re brave enough to try this out ^_^  Its a beautiful color, but since I almost exclusively use tomoe paper, I won’t be inking this again anytime soon.  Never fear, the bottle the winner will receive is new, so who knows maybe they will have better luck?

Giveaway Time!

Prize:  1x NEW Bottle of Montegrappa Violet

Open to USA / Deadline:  2/25/17 @ 7:00PM HST

  1.  Comment on this blog post about why you’d like to try this ink (2 Entries)
  2. Tag two friends in the comments on the IG post who would love to win this ink, Tag me (Squishy.Ink) on IG when you regram/share the post about this giveaway (1 Entry/1 Entry)
  3. Comment on the FB FPN post about this giveaway (1 Entry)

Good luck all!  ^_^