Almost everything has been put away at in our new home, so my husband decided that he would buy me the new Macbook Pro that I’ve been wanting.  Thus far I have been blogging on my phone or iPad and its been great, but I felt like I wanted to take the next step in making my writing ecosystem work ^_^


This has not been without bumps, for some reason its been a real challenge to figure out how to upload directly from my iCloud Drive on the Mac to  It has shortcuts for things like Flickr and Facebook, but if I want to find a photo and upload it to a site, forget it.  I have found that I love everything more on a Mac BUT this whole photos issue.  And what is USB-C?  lol.  I guess nothing is perfect right?

It is a lazy Sunday and a three day weekend!  So I will be taking an ink review break today.  Just relaxing and waiting for my new Nakaya to arrive.  I still need to buy a new writing desk as well, but for now this will do ^_^

I leave you now with these epic photos of my Nakaya posing with a swatch from my wedding gown.  Two beautiful items from Japan!