I live for pen mail…well seriously who doesn’t?  I received a particularly interesting shipment yesterday from the motherland, Japan!

I only ordered the pen and the ink, but the seller generously included a Bungubox notebook, map of Kobe Inks, and SNACKS!  Including some really interesting looking taco chips.  Can’t really go wrong with tacos.

Usagiya is a store in Japan that has limited edition Sailor pens, these pens are not available for purchase online through their shop so visiting in person or finding a seller who already has one are two methods that will work for procurement.  Lets dive right into this delicious pen!

There isn’t anything new or exciting about the packaging itself, it comes in the standard Sailor box with a white protective covering over it.  There is no mention of Usagiya or the limited nature of this pen.
The pen does not come with a converter but one was included as a gift from the seller ^_^

The body is very shimmery, its hard to fully capture the effect on camera, and the bubbles are glittery!

This is a very light pen, similar to the Sailor Carrot that I sometimes feature in my reviews.

My first impression on this pen is definitely LOVE.  Its light, shiny, and writes really well despite being a Japanese F nib.  I tend to prefer at least an M, or in the case of the carrot a B, but this does nicely.  No regrets at all on this purchase!

Now to the ink!

I usually like to try to match my pens and the colors, but I was just so excited about trying both of these items that I threw preference to the wind and put this beautiful red ink in my new pen.

Ink Journal Entry:

Line going down on 52GSM tomoe:


Ink Blob:

This ink has a lovely subtle gold sheen, and I found it very similar to Sailor Irori and Bungubox Lycoris Red.  It has a drier flow than those inks, but seemed to take a while to dry despite this.  While I like the color, I probably would not go through the trouble of getting it again.  It does come in the beautiful old style Sailor bottle, but the color is just so similar to more readily available inks that it doesn’t seem worth the trouble to hunt down, purchase from a proxy etc.

I could find very limited information about this ink prior to purchasing, so I hope this ends up helping someone who is on the fence about it ^_^

I leave you now with a photo the Sailor pens trying to take over my EDC.  Pelikans beware?