A few entries ago I reviewed Kobe #57 Hime Hydrangea, which was an amazing color for its behavior and amazing blue shading.  The color was released with a sister ink so to speak, Kobe #56 Rokko Shichidanka, together they are the Hydrangea Twins.  There is no indication of the connection on the bottles or the packaging.

For this review I initially decided to ink up a LAMY LX F Nib, but didnt feel that the fine line did the ink much justice, so I inked my F-C Model 66 Stabilis with SIG M nib instead.

I am glad that I made the change, the color and the shading came out much better with a broader, wetter nib.

InkJournal Entry:

Line going down on 68GSM Tomoe:

​Ink Blob:

The color is absolutely beautiful and doesn’t need sheen in my opinion, I’d have loved to see some but am perfectly happy without it.  The tones have a lot of variation which provides an excellent basis for shading.  It has a wonderful flow and even has a nice saturation, very legible.  It doesn’t have as dynamic a shading as its twin #57, but this beautiful color definitely holds its own.

Now for the comparison pic, such beautiful twins!