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January 2017

Bungubox Tortoiseshell Brown Ink Review

As a huge fan of both Bungubox and all things tortoiseshell, when I saw a color called Bungubox Tortoiseshell Brown I just had to try it!  It is written that it is supposed to match the Tortoishell Brown M400 from... Continue Reading →

Kingdom Note Mycena Pura Ink Review and Sailor Vegetable Series Carrot First Impressions

A package arrived from one of my favorite places, Japan!  Not only is it the homeland of my ancestors, but the home of some of the most amazing pens and inks EVER!  Today's package was no exception. This is my... Continue Reading →

Montblanc JFK Ink Review and Giveaway!

In pursuit of the perfect blue, I came across a place that still sold Montblanc JFK ink!  Of course I had to grab one for myself, and one to give away to a lucky winner ^_^ There was a bit... Continue Reading →

Bungubox June Bride Review

This ink was suggested by a fellow FP fanatic, so I had to try it!  My love for Bungubox knows no limit, and this ink has just added to be mania for me.  This is one truly beautiful blue! The... Continue Reading →

Robert Oster Pinky Review

I am a huge fan of Rober Oster Inks, however my RO collection is mostly of the blue/green variety.  While I was browsing a color called "Pinky" caught my eye.  I am a huge fan of pink as most of... Continue Reading →

Akkerman Dutch Masters Lievens Kardinnal Paars Review

So, I like to think of ordering things online as a numbers game.  Once in a while you'll receive a dud, and sadly this was that time.  Think of this as the backstory, it has nothing to do with how... Continue Reading →

Nakaya Naka-Ai Awai-Murasaki First Impressions

It is almost impossible to go down the rabbit hole of FPs without hearing about Nakaya.  When I first heard about it, it just seemed like something out of legend that I probably wouldn't own.  However, as I started getting... Continue Reading →

Lamy Dark Lilac Review

Recently I have received some lovely samples from my friends and readers.  I am usually the kind of person who just blindly buys a bottle, however there are some inks that are either very difficult to obtain or are so... Continue Reading →

Maruzen Renga Brown Review

I didn't think that I liked brown ink, in fact I thought it was boring up until very recently.  Bungubox Clown Tears sparked my interest in browns, so when an opportunity for a bottle of the fabled Maruzen Renga Brown... Continue Reading →

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