After my first encounter with LV ink (Rouge Libertin), I was very hesitant to spend another $52 on a bottle of their ink.  I decided to give it one more go though.  I mean its a new purple to try…The color is called Violet Malicieux.

They definitely shipped it with care this time, perhaps they got my email regarding the shoddy treatment of my last bottle. This time it came in an oversized box.

As you can see from the protractor, its huge!  Maybe Amazon is doing their shipping?
The packaging was different from the previous broken brown box, there was actually no small brown box included this time.  The ink came in the large yellow box wrapped in bubble wrap and a cloth.

There was no trace of weird gunk under the cap, and no smell!  That alone had me jumping for joy.  For this review I decided to ink up my beautiful Nakaya Naka-Ai in Awai-Murasaki.  Its an epic writer, and also has beautiful purple tones.  Had to do a photo shoot with such a photogenic bottle!  Just so happened to have an LV bag on me as well, so figured why not!

InkJournal Entry:

Line going down on 68GSM Tomoe:


Ink Blob:

This is a very deep, frosty purple, it reminds me a lot of Robert Oster Purple Soul just with less blue tones.  In the very wettest pools of the blob, there are traces of gold sheen ^_^.  Always a plus for me.  This ink also has a wide range of shading tones which make it irresistible.  Totally worth the money.  Not to mention the bottle is super photogenic too.