Feels like its been a while since I’ve done a review!  I’ve been moving for the last few days and anyone who has moved can tell you that it is definitely not fun, and certainly time consuming :(.  But now, back to what is important, the ink!

I’ve had this bottle of Kingdom Note Marsupenaeus Japonicus sitting in my untried pile for a while, so I decided to give it a go.  With the exception of Bungubox Tortoiseshell Brown, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by browns so far.

The box features a prawn type creature that is super adorable.

It comes in the standard Sailor bottle with miser plastic.

For this review I decided to ink up my Visconti Rembrandt Merry-Go-Round, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out the replacement 23k DreamTouch Nib that LCDC sent me.

InkJournal Entry:

Line going down on 52GSM Tomoe:


Ink Blob:

This ink has a very interesting shading.  It can have a very light saturation or a very dark one at unpredictable intervals.  Some may find this characteristic charming, however for my purposes I think the saturation is a bit too low for me to use on a consistent basis.  During regular writing I noticed no sheen, but there is a tiny bit in the wettest pools of the ink blob.  This may be my least favorite KN ink so far, but nothing is perfect right?  ^_^

I leave you now with this awesome photo of the replacement nib with the lovely shading of this ink in the background.