While it seems my luck with Franklin-Christoph pens has been very good, my luck with their ink deliveries has been mostly miss.  You may recall the debacle with Black Cherry and Tenebris Purpuratum, well now the same has happened to the limited orange Philly Pen Show 17′ ink that I ordered.

Both bottles leaked, one worse than the other.  F-C is going to send a replacement since their customer service is amazing. One of these bottles is meant as a prize for one of my awesome readers, but that giveaway will have to wait for the new bottle to arrive.  Can’t send the above pictured and have one of you all get what I lovingly call “cheeto fingers”.  Here is what my fingers look like after handling the bottle on the left.

So how was the ink?  I decided to ink up my Sailor Carrot, what better pen to test out orange ink?


Line going down on 68GSM Tomoe:

Ink Blob:

I was ready to say no sheen, but upon inspecting the ink blob, there is a strange almost white sheen.  I have never seen that type of frosty sheen before.  It is a cute orange, and I am glad that I decided to ink the Sailor Carrot for the review.  It has some nice shading but not overly much, and it dries quickly even on tomoe paper.  It has a middling flow which may have been too dry for my taste were it not for the wet Sailor nib.