Before I was a pen girl, I was a handbag girl!  So of course when I heard that LV did a line of inks I was dying to try them.  There is limited information about them online, and I only read a few rumors about who potentially makes their inks for repackaging.  The bottle was $52.00 + tax for a beautiful 50ML glass.

It arrived a little beaten, which surprised me.  Usually when I order anything from LV the presentation is exceptional.  This box looks like it should not have made it past QC.

Upon opening it there was a familiar chemical smell.  It smelled like all of the Noodler’s ink I have ever bought, I was not pleased with that but forged on only to find the ink had caked on the inside of the lid.

I haven’t really seen this with many inks, or actually any inks that I have bought previously so I was a bit disappointed.  Overall the presentation was not up to the standard I expected from the design house.  I even called customer service about it and they seemed not to know that they sold ink at all.  I was put on hold for an unacceptable amount of time and just gave up.

But what about the ink itself?

For this review I decided to ink my Pelikan M400 White Tortoiseshell.  It is a fashionable and reliable writer ^_^

InkJournal Entry:

Line going down on 68GSM Tomoe:


Ink Blob:

Despite the rough start, I really loved the color!  The ink behaved well and in the very darkest places of the blob there is a hint of sheen.  It wouldn’t come out in normal writing, but its there.  The shading is dramatic and it wasn’t the red I was expecting but its definitely a bottle of red that I want to keep.  I even want to try some other LV colors.  I wish there were more places to buy LV inks, the color I want to try is sold out currently 😦

I leave you now with some awesome photos that a friend took of my pen paraphernalia ^_^