A package arrived from one of my favorite places, Japan!  Not only is it the homeland of my ancestors, but the home of some of the most amazing pens and inks EVER!  Today’s package was no exception.

This is my first Sailor pen, so everything about it really fascinated me.  It comes in a very presentable blue box in a white outer casing.

The interior is plush, but not overly so, and the pen well protected from the hardships of travel.

I was reminded by a fellow pen enthusiast to buy a converter, for this does not come with one!  The Amazon 2 for $12 special worked out nicely though.

The nib is the centerpiece of this pen, its 14k and features the most adorable carrot!  All of the pens in this series feature a vegetable on the nib.

I chose a broad nib here, as Japanese nibs tend to run thinner.  I was not disappointed.  This pen puts down a beautiful wet line everytime!  The pen screws and unscrews beautifully, it has a smooth solid feel which is absent from many pens in this price range.

For the first ink up I chose Kingdom Note Mycena Pura, which I also received in the shipment with the pen.

The box is the standard KN box with the printed sticky label over a regular Sailor Box.

The bottle itself is the horrid Sailor bottle with the plastic miser thing inside, however I have to say I love the label they use on the bottle itself.  It has a nice thick quality feel and doesn’t seem to randomly peel as easily as those on Bungubox ink.

InkJournal Entry:

Line going down on 68 GSM Tomoe:


Ink Blob fun!

I was blown away by this ink, as a pink lover and a lover of shading!  It feels like Thysanostoma Thysanura’s lighter pink cousin.  I initially wrote no sheen on my IJ entry but if you look closely at the blob there is some present where the ink pooled the darkest.  It was also extremely quick drying during regular writing.  The blob of course took ages to dry.

Run, don’t walk to get this ink if you’re a pink lover!  The pen too, seriously this was one of the happiest shipments I have received in a while!  Speaking of happy, I leave you now with this awesome photo of my new car ^_^.  I have decided 2017 will be an epic year.  The nerd in the driver seat is my husband, don’t mind him lol!