In pursuit of the perfect blue, I came across a place that still sold Montblanc JFK ink!  Of course I had to grab one for myself, and one to give away to a lucky winner ^_^

There was a bit of a debacle with the Akkerman shop, resulting in a very wet package you can see in my Dutch Masters review post, but they did end up making it right and two non-soaked bottles are heading this way as I type.

The box is a bit misshapen from the water, but MB did a very good job with the box.  It features the JFK name and is of the same high quality as their other limited editions.

The bottle is a cute 30ML.

For this review I decided to ink up my Pelikan M205 White, its a wet reliable writer, what better kind?

InkJournal Entry:

Line going down on 52 GSM Tomoe.  Yes, I got into a fight with a pen and lost lol!  Inky Fingers ^_^​​


Ink Blob:

This ink has some amazing SHEEN!  Glorious, copious amounts of red.  It reminded me a lot of Hakodate Twilight, it sucks that these are both not easy inks to obtain.  The flow is great, and and its definitely saturated with nice sheeny shading.

Now of course for the fun part!  The giveaway!

Prize:  1x Bottle of Montblanc JFK Ink (New bottle, not the soaked ones of course!)

Deadline:  1/20/17 @ 7:00PM HST

How to win!

1.  Comment on this post about your favorite blue.

2.  Comment on the FB FPN posting about this giveaway.

3.  Tag two friends who would love to win this on the IG ( posting.

Open to USA.

Good luck!!!!  ^_^